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Service tenet
Shijiazhuang haikun logistics equipment co., LTD. Always adheres to the business philosophy of "quality first, service first", and is committed to providing prompt and thoughtful service for customers. While improving the quality of our products, we always provide excellent service for customers to win the market. In any region, we can get the most timely and high-quality service from our professional technicians.
Quality assurance
All products shall be responsible for the refund and replacement within 30 days after delivery, and the expenses incurred shall be borne by shijiazhuang haikun logistics equipment co., LTD.
1. The products received by the customer are not in conformity with the product models.
2. The products received by the customer do not meet the technical agreement requirements and cannot be used normally.
3. Damage to the product during the transportation process cannot be repaired.
The warranty commitment
Shijiazhuang sea Kun logistics equipment co., LTD. Produces lifting and crane products within one year from the date of delivery, under normal use, due to the quality of the products (such as improper use artificial reason) caused by equipment failure, free warranty.