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High-rise construction platform main innovation:
1, scaffolding mechanized construction
2, the first universal unit rack folding standard
3, the first new power equipment integrated inverted gourd
4, the first non-dynamic wheel anti-dropping device
5, the first security monitoring intelligent control system

Lifting platform installation:
1, high-rise construction lifting platform folding unit factory assembly
2, high-rise construction platform folding unit folded after
3, high-rise construction platform folding unit transportation status
4, the construction site quickly open, splicing, safe and efficient, time-saving, labor-saving, labor-saving, related components site.

Shijiazhuang Hai Kun Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in providing a variety of lifts, lifts series, including mechanical lifting platform , fixed hydraulic Lifting platform, assembly station lifting platform. My company is hydraulic lifting equipment, light lifting equipment products are widely used in various industrial lines, automobile manufacturing, rolling stock, food medicine, chemical and textile fields. According to the different needs of users and customized all kinds of non-standard equipment, the main products are rigid chain , mechanical lifting platform , electric lifting platform and so on.