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  80s of last century, the domestic application of reducer production technology matures. Domestic reducer industry from the blind imitation to independent design, has experienced a long process of development. Now a wide range of new technologies, the application of our own design and manufacturing capacity to meet the basic domestic needs, speeding up the pace of development of the reducer industry.
In recent years, with the scarcity of various types of energy, various enterprises gradually seek other ways of production. The reducer industry has been devoted to building a production mode of energy conservation and emission reduction and has gradually become a relatively mature enterprise system. Large-scale reducer due to the consumption of more materials, so reducer manufacturers began to move toward the development trend of international equipment, development of simplified, lightweight and environmentally friendly reducer products, in order to open up the reducer market, increase Enterprise brand market competitiveness.
  China is rapid development of the reducer industry, most of the introduction of foreign advanced technology research and development products, making the production of similar models, so in the fierce competition in the market must have unique equipment is enough to occupy the market, no doubt environmentally friendly reducer products no doubt Is now one of the goals of the development of the industry. The reducer manufacturers in the face of fierce market competition should calmly face and accelerate the pace of product innovation, is bound to break the bottleneck.

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