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  Hydraulic lifting platform to achieve the lifting operation, with the same effect is a simple lifting device, but obviously the latter is safety technology is not high. So, if carefully differentiated, you can see how different the hydraulic lifting platform and the simple lifting device.

The main driving force of the hydraulic lifting platform is the hydraulic system, which drives the hydraulic cylinder through the chain drive to achieve lifting work platform lifting operations, hydraulic lifting platform with different carrying capacity, which is equipped with a chain of different models, for example 3 tons of platform using 20A chain 4, the general test of each chain is 3.5 tons 4 is as much as 4 tons, far exceeding the actual load, the safety factor is very high.

Due to the slow lifting of the hydraulic parts in the hydraulic lifting platform, even though the hydraulic pump broken platform will be stationary, it will not cause any danger. If the hydraulic riser ruptures in the hydraulic lift platform, the hydraulic oil will flow out at normal speed and the platform will descend at normal speed without any danger.

However, the simple lifting device is not the case, it is usually hoist, wire rope and other components, hoist connected to the power control device lift, to achieve the goods up and down. Generally three tons of equipment using 5 tons of hoist, 14 # wire rope, it has already exceeded the actual load.

        Once the device has parts failure or outage, loss of control, the consequences of the rope once broken is even more disastrous. Therefore, the current state has all the relevant provisions of the simple lifting devices are not allowed to be used, be sure to use a more secure hydraulic lifting platform instead.

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