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  The largest hydraulic lifting equipment production base - due to the scale of production and the strength of each company is product quality is not the same, and even conventional products due to cost reasons, the use of raw materials are not the same, In recent years, due to the poor quality of low-quality goods ladder caused by a large number of accidents, so choose a strong, producing good quality products is very important business.
  Hydraulic electric elevators are generally divided into two categories: fixed scissor lift cargo platform and rail lift cargo lift, the two devices are based on the principle of using hydraulic lift made, the advantages and disadvantages of each device Co-exist, according to the specific needs of customers specialized custom, choose the best equipment. Rail lifting goods ladder, the fuel tank is on both sides or one side, heavy load, good stability, high safety performance, suitable for all kinds of places, and the external can be installed automatic doors or stainless steel doors, play a very good effect.
  Whether it is a rail-mounted freight escalator or a fixed scissor lifts, power handling box configuration and cylinder quality, power unit quality and the steel used are of concern, and some companies in order to save costs is not good quality Accessories, choose the best shop around these three products, choose a more complete qualification, the larger the production scale of enterprises.

Shijiazhuang Hai Kun Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in providing a variety of lifts, lifts series, including mechanical lifting platform , fixed hydraulic Lifting platform, assembly station lifting platform. My company is hydraulic lifting equipment, light lifting equipment products are widely used in various industrial lines, automobile manufacturing, rolling stock, food medicine, chemical and textile fields. According to the different needs of users and customized all kinds of non-standard equipment, the main products are rigid chain , mechanical lifting platform , electric lifting platform and so on.